Brandon Thomas is running for state house in Tennessee House District 49. Although he was inspired to run for office by the abhorrent bills in the state legislature, Brandon has been a strong advocate and activist since his high school days.

During his college career at Middle Tennessee State University, Brandon served as a student government senator, where he lobbied for the addition of gender identity into the SGA’s non-discrimination policy. His successful efforts convinced the university president to then add it to the university-wide non-discrimination policy as well. He also served as Opinions Editor for the university’s newspaper, penning columns from a strong progressive viewpoint, while seeking columnists from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Brandon's formative year in politics was in 2010. During this time, he volunteered for the Ben Leming campaign for Congress, he canvassed for the David LaRoche campaign, as well as worked with Change that Works to help bring healthcare reform to the United States. Most recently, Brandon worked in Iowa for the Iowa Caucuses. He worked on an issue campaign to increase the minimum wage, to create access long term affordable healthcare, and to create access to affordable childcare. Brandon is now ready to fight for those issues in the Tennessee Legislature.

From his work with Middle Tennesseans for Religious Freedom defending the Muslim community from right-wing attacks, to volunteering with the Tennessee Equality Project to fight for LGBT Tennesseans, Brandon works hard to give a voice to the voiceless. He is campaigning to represent the district he grew up in, and represent the Volunteer Spirit that is so evident in his friends and neighbors.