Brandon Thomas believes that we need to pass Insure Tennessee. We had the opportunity to get one hundred percent funding and keep our neighbors from falling into the coverage gap, and there is no good explanation for why we didn’t take that opportunity.

Currently, 260,000 working Tennesseans are without access to quality, affordable healthcare. Additionally, 14 percent of Rutherford county residents were without healthcare between 2006-2012. We must not let our fellow neighbors accrue debt, file for bankruptcy, or die due to lack of access to healthcare.

Equality and Justice

Brandon believes that it is time for our state to promote equality and justice for all Tennesseans. He believes that we need to focus more on rehabilitation than incarceration and that it is time we end the prison industrial complex in our state. Brandon is a strong proponent of equal pay for equal work for women. He also believes it is time to end predatory pay day lending which leaves many families in our state in an unbreakable cycle of debt.

Family Friendly Economy

Brandon Thomas believes that we need to create a family friendly economy. We need to lift Tennesseans out of poverty by raise the minimum wage, from its current rate of $7.25 an hour, in our state.

We need to insure that all working families have the opportunity to gain paid family leave and paid sick leave.

LGBT Issues

Brandon Thomas believes that it is imperative that the state government passes an inclusive non-discrimination policy that protects LGBT people from employment and housing discrimination.

We also need to protect LGBT citizens by repealing the recently-passed Counseling Discrimination law, as well as providing resources and education to push back against the ignorant bills that are sure to be proposed next year in the legislature.
Tennessee’s transgender residents also need to be recognized and respected.

We must allow transgender Tennesseans to receive new birth certificates reflecting their true gender. Tennessee is one of the only states – and THE only Southern state – that doesn’t allow this. We are also the only state that has a statute specifically prohibiting the issuance of a new, corrected birth certificate for transgender residents. Yet another example of our legislature attacking, instead of lifting up, our most vulnerable neighbors.